Product Spotlight

On the days when a Top Knot just won't do, make sure you grab your Crown.


R + Co came up with the perfect defense against the itchy skin that comes from this Buffalo winter weather as well as any product build up.  This purifying scrub will detox, cleanse, and rebalance your scalp.

Good For: Oily and sensitive scalps will really notice a big difference in using this product, but really, for anyone who loves a clean scalp and awesome, shiny, healthy hair.

How to Use: Massage a small amount of Crown in circular motions on a lightly damp scalp.  Once you feel the exfoliants completely dissolve, rinse clean and follow with R + Co conditioner to nourish your mid-lengths and ends. 

Why TK Loves Crown: This product is fantastic to not only give your scalp a little TLC, but it really works to exfoliate the scalp, removing any dry, flaky skin.  Happy scalp, happy hair.

Be sure to give your Top Knot (or Crown!) a clean scalp to rest on! 

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